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Principle and Reason

School of Logistics and Supply Chain, Naresuan University has brought up a research, supported by National Research Council of Thailand and The Thailand Research Fund, that develop Luangprabang-Indochina-Mawlamyine Economic Corridor (LIMEC). The Joint Standing Committee of Lower North Provinces 1 under the support of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, has arranged an annual international conference of Economic Corridor, which are, the 1st Luangprabang-lndochina-Mawlamyine Economic Corridor International Conference of “Phu Doo” Gate of Companionship and Opportunities in August 2015 in Uttaradit and the 2nd Luangprabang-lndochina-Mawlamyine Economic Corridor International Conference of World Heritage Gateway for Tourism, Trade and Investment in June 2016 in Sukhothai.

For the LIMEC to continuously and sustainably develop, educational institution is one of the institutes that play a major role in supporting the systematical and logical development. International conference is another mechanism that will provide scholars and researchers an opportunity to distribute their works to public. It is also an opportunity to share knowledge and experience with professors, experts, scholars and those who are interested. Furthermore, It is an opportunity to present their researches to organizations, both government and private, to adaptively use the results of those researches, which is a mechanism to support the use of the research’s results in effectively developing community and society. LIMEC should have more research to support the development on business, industry, agriculture, public health, tourism, education, and logistics. For this reason, if the members of LIMEC and the surrounding area can successfully develop knowledge and development method that match with the world’s and region’s changes, the members and the surrounding area of LIMEC will gain benefits in national security, political stability, expansion of exportation and opportunity in business and service, and social security. Nevertheless, Thailand, particularly, the Lower North Provinces 1 must be adaptive to respond to any changes and citizens, especially in rural area, must have knowledge to respond to and develop the community to match with any changes.

Additionally, It will be an opportunity for educational institution on this Economic Corridor from Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand to present their work and share their experiences between scholars and related institues. To support and develop the Economic Corridor’s potential and to create international research experiences for educational institution, School of Logistics and Supply Chain, Naresuan University has arranged an international conference entitled “Luangprabang-Indochina-Mawlamyine Economic Corridor” (LIMEC) International Conference”.

School of Logistics and Supply Chain, Naresuan University has seen that international conference creates many benefits for scholars, researchers, and participants, as well as to announce our potential in arranging the conference and the exhibition of Lower North Provinces 1.


  1. 1. To present studies on the following topics:
  2. – Business and Industry (such as public health and tourism)
    – Agriculture
    – Sustainable Management
    – Logistics and Supply Chain
  3. 2. To publicize and develop modern knowledge for participants.
  4. 3. To stimulate professors in education institutions to be aware of the important of the production and the publication of academic study and research.
  5. 4. To share knowledge, ideas, and experiences among scholars, in both government and private organizations, which will bring us to research method for solving nation’s economic problems and social issues in the future.
  6. 5. To build a relationaship, cooperation, and network of knowledge between participant.


  1. – Oral presentation 20-25 minutes/topic
    – Poster presentation 1 board/topic
    – Seminars, discussions, and special topic lectures
    – Observative Study

Responsible Institute

  • School of Logistics and Supply Chain, Naresuan University

Time Period

  • AUGUST 28-31, 2018 Research presentation both oral and poster and exhibition


– Professor, researcher, scholar, student from universities and other institutions which are members of LIMEC and others.
– Private staff and others


  1. 1. Improve network and create opportunity in the development of academic study and research on LIMEC related topics.
  2. 2. Build a relationship, cooperation, companionship, and network of knowledge among participants.
  3. 3. Participants have an opportunity to share their ideas, information, and experiences between each other which will lead to developing and solving problem in their work.
  4. 4. Participants will gain knowledge and have a wider vision which will make them work more effectively.